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This deviation was deleted

All good critiques should offer up at least one negative observation to keep the artist from becoming too complacent. Unfortunately the beauty of this work surpasses my ability to make any such contribution.

The strong horizontal line slightly above centre avoids a static scene and combined with the shadows in the foreground create a sense of forward motion to the right. The eye tends first to the right but then sweeps to the left because the distant right is blocked by the terrain. We find ourselves drawn into the darkness of the centre left. Horizontal lines are used in art to create calm which when combined here with the sense of movement produce a positive tension that adds even more to the power of this piece.

The colour tone (if that's the right phrase) tends toward a sepia. This colour suggests, at least in the film era, great age and give this scene even greater weight.

These observations create for me a visceral response which I have to all you work.

(my apologies for adding this first to the comments section. I'm still finding my way around this site.)
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